Goldfish Care

Goldfish are the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. However, the proper care is not well-known.

Can Goldfish Be in Bowls?

No. Fancy goldfish grow to be 6″-12″ and single-tailed varieties 8″-16″. Even when they are babies, only a couple of inches long, the horribly small space and lack of oxygen makes this a fish deathtrap.

How Can I Properly House My Goldfish?

For fancy goldfish, the rule is 20 gallons for the first and 10 gallons for every other fish. So for my calico fantail and black moor telescope, I have a 30 gallon tank. Even though they are babies, it is still necessary for them to be in the proper tank to prevent disease.

For single-tailed varieties, 40 gallons per fish is necessary. Though they are much better suited for a pond.

Strong filtration is a must for goldfish. Hang-on-back filters with a sponge covering the intake tube is best so they wont get their fins or eyes caught. Goldfish should be kept between 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit. Where I live, a heater might only be necessary during the winter. I have a coral cave as a decoration in my tank, but once the goldfish are big enough, I will have to take it out due to the size of the cave opening is too small. Decor and plants with sharp edges should NOT be kept with veil-tails, telescopes with REALLY big eyes, bubble eyed, and celestial eyed goldfish.

Goldfish are social animals and a minimum of 2 is best for your goldfish to be happy.

How Long Do Goldfish Live?

Goldfish will live 6-15 years IF kept in the proper conditions. The oldest goldfish was 43 years old!

How Do I Keep My Tank Clean?

Weekly 10-30 percent water changes will help keep your tank clean.

What Do I Feed My Goldfish?

Pellets for goldfish are the best option. However, if you have flakes, but them in a bowl with some aquarium water and stir it around. Wait for the flakes to sink then put it in the tank. When goldfish eat flakes at the top, too much oxygen is taken in. This can lead to buoyancy problems. Only feed a TINY pinch two times a day. The reason for feeding them twice a day is because goldfish don’t have stomachs. Therefore food goes through them quickly.

What Is the Best Goldfish For Beginners?

Fantails and black moors are the best for beginners.

*I have recently added another fancy goldfish to the tank and they are doing well.*

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