Cockatiel Care


The pearl color mutation of the cockatiel has light speckles all over its body.

Cockatiels are a great first bird for new parrot owners.

Before getting a cockatiel, decide whether or not you can afford/take care of one. Parrots require a great deal of attention and money. Be at home at least 7 hours everyday with your parrot, interacting as much as possible. Except to pay around $90 – $200 for your bird. Usually the color morphs are more expensive than the wild grey coloration.

Where Should I Get a Cockatiel?

I got my cockatiel, Patches, when he was 10 weeks old as a fully weaned hand-fed baby. Patches was from a local pet store that takes great care of their animals. You could find also purchase a cockatiel from places like Petco or Pet Smart, but I would highly discourage this. For the birds are not handled properly if handled at all, poor environment conditions due to the stress of many other birds, and health concerns are also a big issue. Finding a good local pet store or breeder is your best option.

What About Adopting?

For a first-time parrot owners, adopting may not be the best. Parrots are often re-homed because of behavioral problems, such as; plucking, screaming, biting, health issues, not eating, and many more. BUT the good side of adopting is that you are saving a bird. If you cant find a local pet store or a good breeder, than I would say adopting is the best option.

What if the Only Cockatiels Available are at a Chain Pet Store?

If the only cockatiels available to you are from a store such as Pet Smart, make sure you are following the correct way of taming your bird.

Proper Cage Size

A proper cage is essential for your bird’s well-being.

24″l x 18″ x 24″ t is the minimum size for your cockatiel. The bigger is better though because once you have all of the perches, toys, and dishes, there will not be a lot of space left.

What Kind of Toys Will my Cockatiel Like?

Cockatiels really love to play with bells and toys that will shred. Ladders are also fun.

Proper Cockatiel Food

I recommend a seed blend and fresh fruits and vegetables.

I will have a post soon on cockatiel nutrition.


By– Cockatiel


**I, Cockatiel am not responsible for your pet. You make the choice whether or not to follow my advice.*

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