How to Cure Bloat in Fish

What is Bloat?

Bloat is a condition where there is fluid build-up inside the fishes body. This happens due to stress or over feeding. My betta fish recently had bloat due to accidentally over feeding him.

( I accidentally spilt a lot of his food in the tank, so I cleaned it up but I must have missed some and he ate to much.)

How Do I Cure Bloat?

1. If the fish is with other fish that do not have bloat, isolate the fish in a separate tank. If all of your fish have bloat, then it is fine to leave them in the same tank.

2. Stop feeding for a couple of days to see if the swelling has gone down.

3. If the swelling has not decreased try feeding a cooked, shelled pea cut up.

4. If that doesn’t work find a medication that is safe for your type(s) of fish that will help.

For my betta fish I used API BettaFix. This also helped with his fin rot.


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