Betta Fish Care

Betta Fish

Betta fish are very popular in the aquarium hobby. However, the care is of these fish is often misunderstood.

Betta fish do not live in mud puddles. They live in tropical rivers and streams.  The lifespan of these fish is 3-5 years IF given the proper care.

Proper Tank Setup

Betta fish need at least 2.5 gallons to be happy.  Your aquarium should have a few plants and a decoration that they can hide in. Make sure that the decorations are soft enough to where thy wont rip your betta’s fins. A filter is a must. Sponge filters would be great for this. Proper heating is required as well. Between 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit will keep your fish happy.

A planted betta sorority tank is a great addition to any home.

Home_aqua_240_litresDo Betta Fish Need Live Plants?

In the wild, betta fish are surrounded by live plants. You don’t need live plants, but it does simulate their natural habitat. So by doing so, it might make your betta happier and live longer. Live plants also make your aquarium beautiful and peaceful.

What Substrate is best for a Betta Tank?

Gravel is the easiest for a betta tank. It is very easy to clean and upkeep. You could put aquarium plants in the gravel, but it has to be pea size or smaller. Sand is also another option but is VERY hard to clean. Some aquarium plants need a special aquarium substrate like Fluval Stratum.

What do I Feed Betta Fish?

Pellets are the best for betta fish. Brands without fish meal is the best. Do not feed your fish tropical pellets, only ones meant for bettas. Brine shrimp can be used as a treat for bettas. Feed brine shrimp only once a week. Betta fish should have 3-4 pellets a day.


Thank you for reading my article on betta fish! Please share this and comment below if you have any questions or thoughts.


**I, CockatielADMIN am not responsible for your pet. You make the choice whether or not to follow my advice. **

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