Petco Imagitarium 3.7 Gallon Deluxe Freshwater Aquarium Review

I got the Petco Imagitarium 3.7 gallon aquarium for Christmas. This is my initial review after setting it up. A follow-up review will be posted sometime in late January/February


Imagitaruim 3.7 Gallon

Planted betta tank with ghost shrimp

The glass has no yellow tint, like some do, and nicely curved at the sides. The only silicone is at the bottom, sides, and back piece behind the barrier wall. Since there is black silicone, you can barely tell it’s there! Speaking of the barrier wall, the filtration is hidden behind a black, sturdy piece of plastic. The whole tank is elevated off the ground by an 1/2 inch using the same black plastic.  A glass lid with a feeding hole is included also. You place it on two plastic holders that slide on to the sides of the tank.

I have decorated my tank with-

  • black sand
  • grey slate
  • small terracotta pot
  • java fern
  • anubias
  • marimo moss ball
  • waterlily (bulbs)

Water droplets will build up on the glass lid, just wipe them off.


My favorite thing about this tank is the hidden filtration.  Behind the barrier wall, starting at the back right, is the intake. In here you get a carbon with filter floss cartridge and a ceramic media cartridge. The middle section holds a very coarse sponge for beneficial bacteria to grow on. At the very left, is the return pump. The pump has a low flow setting for bettas. It pumps 40 gph. I have a Fluval EDGE Pre-filter sponge covering the outflow to help decrease the flow even more.


Another great thing with this kit is the lighting.  It has a touch sensor at the top and has 3 settings (also an ‘off’ setting) ; blue/night, bright white, and natural day (which has a more yellow tone). I am able to house low light plants. Since there is a black background, the light makes colors pop. Green stands out the best on bright white mode. IMG_0240 I use the blue light setting at evening, then i turn all the lights off after an hour or two. This helps give the fish time to realize that it is getting close to nighttime. Since fish don’t have eyelids, it also helps them adjust.


I would only recommend a betta with a few shrimp.

Final Thoughts

This is a really good tank kit if you want a planted betta tank. Just make sure you have it properly set up.


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